Al-Manqoush: Libya had a prominent role in curbing ISIS in the region

Foreign Minister Najla Al-Manqoush, has underlined the "prominent role" of Libya in curbing the ISIS group in the region, after "it sought in every way to make Libya a haven for terrorism."

In her speech at a ministerial conference for the international alliance against ISIS in the Italian capital, Rome, Al-Manqoush stressed the importance of intensifying cooperation to bridge security gaps.

She called for uprooting the financial resources for these groups, supporting security agencies and border guards, and exchanging information and cooperation to limit irregular migration flows.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the positive developments seen in Libya would enhance the stability of all neighboring countries.

Stability in Libya will have a positive impact on the neighboring countries, including the Sahel and Saharan regions that are experiencing terrorist and criminal activities, Al-Manqoush says.

She also praised the international efforts to support Libya by implementing the Berlin I and II outcomes with its political, economic, and military tracks.

"The withdrawal of foreign forces is critical to Libya's political, security, military, and economic stability,"

At the conclusion of her speech, the Foreign Minister underscored the commitment of the Presidential Council and the Government of National Unity to international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Al-Manqoush confirmed that her government is ready to take action to ensure the safety of civilians and children, stop violence and improve the conditions of societies affected by wars and conflicts. 



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