3 BIFF members killed in Maguindanao clash

 Three members of the  (BIFF) were killed in clashes between a terrorist group and the military in Barangay Linantangan, Shariff Saydona in Maguindanao on Sunday.

Those killed were identified as Dhen Dhen Haron, Ali Amil Hasim, and Buhari Bualan.

The encounter took place amid an ongoing search for the Karialan faction group that was also opposed by the authorities in Datu Paglas in May.

The battle lasted 35 minutes. Three pistol guns, 2 grenades, and some items were recovered from the slain terrorists.

They also seized a sachet of suspected shabu weighing 8 grams from the alleged BIFF members.

According to the 6th Infantry Division commander, Major General Juvymax Uy, the pursuit of the BIFF rebel groups continues to prevent their planned attacks on communities in Maguindanao.

Meanwhile, the suspected mastermind of the bombing and arson of two Yellow Bus Line (YBL) buses in Tulunan, North Cotabato, was arrested on Monday.

The suspect, Ali Akbar, was caught in an operation conducted by the authorities in Barangay East Patadon, Kidapawan City.

He is the alleged mastermind in bombing a YBL bus in Tulunan, North Cotabato, on January 27 and the burning of another bus of the same company on June 3. Four died in two separate incidents.

3 BIFF members killed in Maguindanao clash

According to Brigadier General Roberto Capulong, commander of the 602nd Infantry Brigade, Akbar is a member of the terrorist group Dawlah Islamiya-Hassan and a well-known bomb-making expert.

Seized from its possession were two IEDs, a blasting cap, IED -making equipment, and an ISIS flag.

In the January bombing, one fruit vendor was killed, and three others were trapped in a burning bus in June.

Authorities identified the  as Johny Roy Ramil Jr., Hazel Gallardo, and Arnold Patron.

Based on the investigation, the victims were on a bus from Kidapawan City when the driver allegedly stopped in Brgy. Bialong to drop off the bus inspector.

But suddenly, two suspects entered and set fire to the bus with gasoline.

Akbar’s future case is double murder and multiple frustrated murders.

Source: https://philippineslifestyle.com/3-biff-members-killed-maguindanao-clash/


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