VOICE OF THE PEOPLE: Left-wing lunacy

 Kamla Harris went the entire month of April without a news conference or even visiting the border. Children are being abandoned, caged, and separated from their families. Women and girls are being raped and trafficked, and terror suspects, including Yemeni terrorist suspects on a terrorist watch list have been arrested crossing the border.

Governor Cuomo has now 8 sexual harassment complaints, lied to the DOJ about sentencing elderly to death in nursing homes, and the Democrats and their media lapdogs ignore all of it.

Democrats attacked Georgia Voter Identification Law as racist, implying that voters of color are too ignorant to be able to get an identification to vote. Major League Baseball claimed racial discrimination. Yet, MLB requires photo ID to pick up tickets.

Cities that have defunded police have an increase in murder and crime. Democrats also look to end police program handing criminal aliens to ICE.

Democrats have tried to blame a white Ohio officer saving a black girl from being stabbed as racist. NBC deceptively edited bodycam footage so viewers didn’t see the knife.

If the Biden laptop was Donald Trump, Trump Jr. would have already been in custody as the FBI has raided Rudy Giuliani personal devices with no interest in Hunter Biden’s hard drives.

Biden announces multiple extreme gun control bans and states “No Amendment to the Constitution is Absolute” in his quest to take away American’s Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.

A UCLA student has claimed soap dispensers are racist because they cannot see the dark pigment on “black and brown bodies” requiring them to show their palms to get soap out.

Source: https://www.kenoshanews.com/voice-of-the-people-left-wing-lunacy/article_89c9f506-66a2-5e1c-aaf5-b312122f6e50.html


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