Six killed, two wounded in several incidents across Balochistan

Five people were killed and two others wounded in several incidents in Mashkai, Dera Murad Jamali, Dera Bugti and Buleda.

According to reports, one man was injured and another killed in a hand grenade attack in Dera Murad Jamali on Monday.

Dostain Baloch, the spokesperson for the Baloch Republican Guard (BRG), claimed responsibility for the attack in a media statement by saying that their fighters targeted the vehicle of the Pakistani army at Mazdoor chowk in Dera Murad Jamali. Two soldiers were killed and another was injured in the attack.

In another incident, the head courtier of the Pakistani army was targeted at the Ullangi outpost in Mashkay by unidentified armed men.

The Balochistan Liberation Front, an armed “pro-independence” group, claimed responsibility for the attack in a media statement, saying that their fighters attacked Pakistani forces with rockets and heavy weaponry, due to which the Pakistani army faced casualties.

Our attacks on Pakistani forces will be carried out, warned Major Gohram Baloch.

Moreover, two people were killed in Panjgur district on Monday in an incident of target killing.

According to sources, unknown armed men opened fire on a car in Chitkan, the central of Panjgur, due to which two people were killed.

The deceased were identified as Fazal Sher, brother of Baloch poet Khan Jan and Ali s/o Ameer Baksh.

It should be noted that Khan Jan was abducted in 2017, allegedly by the Pakistani army and released Last year. However, the motive behind today’s attack remains unknown.

In another firing incident on Monday, two people were killed in Dera Bugti and Kech.

According to details, Barkat aka Andha was killed in Sui Tehsil of Dera Bugti in a firing incident. It is being said that Barkat belongs to a death squad, pro-state local militias that involved in various human rights abuses and social ills in Balochistan.

Armed motorcyclists targeted Ismail s/o Ibrahim in the Buleda area of Kech district on Monday.

However, the motive remains unknown behind the aforementioned incidents. 



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