Sikh diaspora strongly condemns Pakistan for defaming Sikh community

 ISLAMABAD: Sikh diaspora has condemned Pakistan’s machination of defaming the Sikh community and trying to create a wedge between Pakistani and European Sikhs by projecting a Muslim man in the guise of a Sikh and inciting them to give a befitting reply to French people for allegedly publishing a caricature of Prophet Muhammad.  

In a video message uploaded on social media, a sky blue turban-wearing person supporting a beard introduces himself as ‘Sardar Ji while greeting both Aslamu alaikum and Sasriakar. The Sikh look-alike person who is identified as Sardar Qasam Dogar Singh in Pakistan raises a slogan of “Gustakh e rasool ki eik hi saza , sar dar say juda (only punishment for blasphemy of Prophet is separating the head from the body). 

He was referring to the publication of a caricature of Prophet Muhammad by a French publishing house while demanding the expulsion of the French ambassador from Pakistan.  

Sources reveal that presumably after having failed to come up to their expectations and deliver the expected task from pro-Khalistan Sikh leader  Gopal Singh Chawla, Pakistan’s intelligence agency is now trying to project a pseudo-Sikh figure to further their anti-India designs. 

In the recent past, there had been violent protests in Pakistan led by Tehreek-i-Labaik Pakistan, an Islamist outfit,  against France after the Pakistan government didn’t heed to their demand and didn’t expel the French ambassador for its president Emmanuel Macron defending the publication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad and also vowed to fight  the “Islamist separatism”  

The man from Faisalabad Kasim Dogar whose given name is Kasim Dogar Singh is not only given a Sikh’s looks but is also trained to give quotes from Gurbani and about the Sikh Guru’s while addressing the gatherings especially of Sikhs in the Gurdwara’s at Nankana Sahib, Lahore, Panja Sahib etc. 

Sources also reveal that Dogar with his wife has met several Sikh Indian pilgrims who were recently in Pakistan to celebrate Vaisakhi.  

Sources in Pakistan revealed that Gopal Singh Chawla has not only failed to make new ‘recruitments’ to carry out disruptive activities in India but he has also failed to spark anti-India sentiments among the Indian jatha that recently arrived back from Pakistan after celebrating the festival of Vaisakhi.  

The first reaction came from Germany. A Sikh politician from Amt Wachsenburg Gurdeep Singh Randhawa said told Zee News the Dogar’s utterings were highly objectionable and detrimental to the interests of Sikhs living in Europe. He said he had held meetings with the Sikh leadership of France and had decided to take up the issue with Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to tame such persons. 

Gurdeep Singh said that Sikhs in Europe were living peacefully and had no differences at all. “We are using and will continue to use the French products since European Union has common interests,” he said.   

A French Sikh leader Raghubir Singh, President of International Sikh Council France Said it was highly condemnable to present a Muslim man in the guise of a Sikh and spew venom against France. He said Sikhs in France were law-abiding citizens and were being treated well by the French government so there was no question of boycotting French products. He opined that Pak government should take cognizance of the incident and nip such elements at the bud. 

Sharply reacting on the statement of a Muslim man in the guise of a Sikh, spokesperson of Shiromani Akali Dal (Taksali) Karnail Singh Peermohammad “It is unfortunate to defame European and specifically French citizens and their interests under the guise of a Sikh”. 

Karnail Singh who is also a former president of All India Sikh Students Federation has appealed to Imran Khan to take action against anyone who conspires to defame the French nationals and their traditions under the guise of a Sikh.



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