Peace Council calls on Ghanaians to be circumspect in pronouncements

The National Peace Council (NPC) has called on Ghanaians to exercise restraint and be circumspect in their comments and pronouncements on issues of the Wesley Girls Senior High school in Cape Coast.

A press statement issued and signed by Reverend Ernest Adu Gyamfi, the National Chairman of the Council said this was necessary because it would help calm issues, promote peaceful co-existence and ensure tolerance while the issue was being addressed by the appropriate authorities.

“The Council respectfully reminds Ghanaians of how far we have come as a people by living together for centuries”, it added.

The statement applauded the dialogue between the Muslim Community, Methodist Church and the Ghana Education Service towards the amicable and peaceful resolution of the issue.

It, however, urged all to calm their followers as efforts to build the time-tested peaceful co-existence among Christians and Muslims were made by the relevant authorities and organization.

It further indicated that the Council was taking the appropriate steps to reinforce the commendable initiative. 



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