Pakistan: Hindu Cobbler Rescued After Abductors Had Demanded Rs 50 Lakh For Release

New Delhi: After a random video was shared by his abductors demanding five million rupees, Mohan Lal was rescued by the Sindh police in Ghotki district on Tuesday. Reports say that he was returned home safe and sound. 

The ransom video of the cobbler had gone viral on Tuesday, prompting police into action.

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On May 8th, Mohan La who belongs to a schedule caste Hindu  community had left his home in Daharki but did not return home. In subsequent video released by the abductors, a beaten Lal made an appeal in Sindhi for the ransom, “I’m Mohan Lal. Please arrange Rs. 50 lakhs otherwise they will kill me.”

The abductors continue to rough him up asking Lal to appeal to his brothers while a person off camera continues hitting him repeatedly with a stick a voice is heard saying, “Ask your family to share the video as much as they can. Whoever is watching the video also forward it. So they can arrange the money,” demands the voice. Mohan Lal who is in a blood stained salwaar kameez complies to his abductors demands. 

The video had gained traction on social media, with people demanding the government to come to the cobbler’s rescue.

Ayaz Latif Palijo, president of Qomi Awami Tahreek, shared a video of Mohan Lal's weeping children and his brother who appealed to the Sindh chief minister, Sindh IGP and other relevant authorities for his recovery.

“We don’t have Rs. 50 in the house to buy ration. How can we afford to pay Rs. 50 lakhs in ransom?” said Lal’s daughter was heard saying.

Palijo wrote, CM Sindh, IG, Governor, Bilawal SB, PM SB, CGP SB, can't you hear the cries of these daughters?'

According to The Express Tribune article, Murtaza Wahab, the spokesperson of the Sindh government, confirmed that Mohan Lal was back home "safe and sound". 



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