Mexican cartel uses explosive drones in drug war

A new development in Mexico`s fifteen year ongoing drug war, with drones packed with plastic explosives being dropped on Police Officers from the sky.

By James Blears

The attack happened near to the City of Aquililla in the Western Mexican State of Michocan.  Police Officers had been trying to fill trenches dug and barricades placed over a road, when two drones, fitted by plastic explosives designed to remotely detonate,  fell on them out of the sky.  Two Police Officers were wounded, but have been treated in hospital and sent home. 

In August a raid discovered explosive drones in a car of the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel.  This cartel is fighting another called the New Michocan family, for control of this city, as its the birthplace of their leader, known as El Mencho. The DEA is offering a ten million dollar reward for information leading to his capture. 

The Jalisco New Generation Drug Cartel, which started in the State of Jalisco, has spread its tentacles nationwide, and it`s particularly violent, ready and willing to take on the Army and Police at any opportunity.  In 2015 it`s gunmen shot down a Police Helicopter with a rocket propelled grenade from a rocket launcher,  killing 15 people.  In 2019, its gunmen ambushed a Police convoy, killing fourteen officers.  This explosive drone attack is a vicious new development in the drug war, which has killed more than quarter of a million people, and shows no signs of ending. 




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