Indian Nurse Soumya ’s death by Hamas exposed Indian secular hypocrisy

 If we do not unite in death how do we unite in life? Dear is a great leveler, everyone comes to the lap of mother earth and begins a new jopurney. But sadly for the Indian seculars, even death becomes a matter of political and ideological apartheid.

The way an Indian nurse Soumya Santosh’s unfortunate killing by an Islamic terrorist organization Hamas’s rocket was treated with reservations by Indian politicians and media, reflects on our fractured mindset.

Soumya , like many other Kerala’s brave young women, went to Israel as a caretaker at a Jewish household in Ashkelon, Israel. On Tuesday afternoon, during a video call with her husband back home, the building she was residing in was hit by a rocket fired by Palestinian Islamic terrorist organization Hamas. She had a nine-year-old son in her hometown Idukki.

Entire India, crossing all ideological and political lines should have been unanimous in condemning the Hamas attack and mourning her death. But as secularism is defined in a different way here, we saw Kerala’s CM and Congress president first condemning the incident then deleting it and making it ‘politically correct’ without any condemnation for the rocket attack. Another Malayali news daily, published the news without any mention of the Hamas attack and an English language news portal presented it as a local casual incident.

The same people and media had given a different color to Palestinian tragedies in a much more louder, sentimental and concerned manner. Ostensibly the purpose was to placate the local politically strong Islamic groups who sympathize with Palestine, although it is Israel that has always helped us in every critical time.

Indian position on Palestine is well-known and we have seen that our Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made it sure to visit Palestine while he went to Israel and both visits were applauded hugely. Indian government want peace in that region and has been working to achieve that goal with both countries. But should that mean we lose all respect and feelings for our own citizen? Why should refusing to condemn Hamas be liked by Muslims and why Muslims are supposed to be placated by ignoring or downplaying our own, India’s;s daughter Soumya’s killing by Palestine rockets?

Should secularism mean abandoning a trusted, ally and an all-weather friend like Israel who has come to help India whether it was 1962’ China war, 1965 and 19721 India Pakistan wars and Bangladesh liberation war ? In Kargil war who stood with us? Palestine or Israel?

Those Communists who worked for China in 1962 and were arrested by Pt Nehru’s government do not care who is helping India but always go by their stinkingly rotten communal policies hurting Indian interests and honour.

Even when Israel is engaged in a tough battle and is seen responding to the Hamas attacks, they have ensured a huge supply of Oxygen concentrates, ventilators to India and made sure to send Soumya’s mortal remains by a special aircraft. Should we be a heartless and rude country to such a friend? What makes an Indian define our international allies? Religion or the cooperation to meet the national requirements?

Even no two Muslim countries are united on Palestine issues and Arabs have a different line about it. They see Hamas as a threat to their own regimes. Give me one name of any Islamic country that has pledged support and help to Palestine? The stark truth is that today every Muslim country is at war with the other as their own domestic interest overpower the religious affinities.

Washington Post had reported that “In 2012, there were six civil wars worldwide. All took place within Muslim countries: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Yemen. Of the nine rebel groups in these conflicts, seven had an Islamist ideology…the vast majority of Islamist insurgencies are fighting governments in Muslim-majority countries. In fact, over the past three years, more than 90 percent of the victims in all civil wars are in Muslim countries — particularly in Syria, but also in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

From Taliban to Lashkare Toiba, to Hizbul Muzahideen to ISIS and Boko Haram to Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami to Jaishe Mohammad and al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, there are hundreds of big and small Islamic terror organizations who are killing unyielding Muslims and destroying millions of Muslim families. There have been a number of cases in Kerala where young girls and boys were lured to join ISIS. Shouldn’t we all come together to destroy their network to make India a land of togetherness?

Unfortunately the Muslim appeasement policy has been the single most harmful policy to hurt Muslim interests only. The more secular parties and media try to ghettoise Muslims separately and keep them away from joining the national mainstream of progress, the more they harm Muslim youth’s future.

India has been under attack by three major violent groups- Islamist Jihadis, Naxal-Maoists or the Communist terrorists, and the church-supported Northeastern insurgents. All have one target in common- the Hindus. You would have never seen a non-Hindu victim of the Communist terror groups in Chattisgarh Odisha or Jharkhand. The horrifying killing of 90 yr old Swami Lakshmananand ji in Odisha was a conspiracy of Communist Maoists. So were the other cases.

So much hatred for the Hindus has spread among the seculars that Aurangzeb, a ruthless father of the ISIS we see today is defended by them. A nationalist icon of a resurgent nation, our prime minister must be opposed and defenders of the Hindu faith must be put on the defensive using the powerful tools of journalism in a partisan manner.

Roads and power lines do not make a nation. Remember the fate of the Soviet Union. It is the core values a nation represents that must be safeguarded – for India, this means we respect the sensitivities of the Hindus and protect the rights of the minority, irrespective of how small they are with national interest at our top priority.

We pay homage to Soumya Santosh and pray that her sacrifice will open the eyes of the religious bigots and secular practitioners of ideological apartheid.



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