Balochistan: Ten Pakistani soldiers killed in attacks, Baloch armed groups claim responsibility

 The Pakistani security forces were attacked in the Maargat area of district Bolan on Saturday, leaving five dead and several others wounded. Baloch “pro-independence” group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that the Pakistani forces abandoned their posts and fled before the BLA fighters. Balochistan Liberation Front, another armed group seeking independence from Pakistan, attacked Pakistani forces in Dasht, Kech, leaving five dead and several others wounded.

Jeeyand Baloch, the spokesperson for Baloch Liberation Army, said in a media statement that the BLA fighters targeted a security checkpoint of the Pakistani forces in the Maargat area of Bolan on Saturday night. He said that five Pakistani soldiers were killed in the attack and several others were wounded. The remaining forces abandoned their weapons and the checkpoint and fled. The BLA fighters then confiscated the weaponry and other possessions of the security forces.

According to sources, the insurgents attacked the checkpoint with a variety of weapons. After much resistance, the post fell to the BLA fighters and Pakistani forces were left running for lives. Soon after the attack, military choppers arrived in the area.

Jeeyand Baloch said in the statement that the Pakistani forces have continuously lost to the “pro-independence” fighters. This consistent pattern of defeat shows that the Pakistani forces are poorly trained in combat and that they are only capable of attacking unarmed, innocent civilians. He said that Baloch Liberation Front will continue such attacks until Balochistan has been liberated from the enemy’s grip.

In another similar incident on Sunday morning, the “pro-independence” group Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) attacked the Pakistani security forces in Dasht, Kech. Major Gohram Baloch, the spokesperson for the BLF, said that their fighters ambushed two military vehicles in the Ahmad Chankar area of Tehsil Dasht.

One of the vehicles was in the immediate range of the attackers and was promptly destroyed. The five Pakistani soldiers inside the vehicle were killed at the scene and several others were wounded. He said that the Pakistani gunship choppers soon arrived at the scene to escort the dead bodies of their fallen companions.



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