Symbolism of Swastika ruined by Nazis: US Hindu Body flags Maryland’s Hinduphobic bill

The Maryland House of Delegates seeks to pass a bill to ban the display of ‘Swastika’ on school premises. Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has objected the bill that falsely defines Swastika as a hate symbol.

After misappropriation of Yoga and Namaste, another attempt is now underway to ban the display of ‘Swastika’ on school premises in Maryland. A symbol that signifies peace, co-existence and prosperity, and is worshipped across the Indian society, is now being defined as a symbol of hate by Maryland House of Delegates’ new bill. In what can be seen as another attempt by the western forces to spread Hinduphobia, the Maryland House of Delegates has drawn a direct link between the swastika and the symbol adopted by the Nazis.

However, what they and the western world at large, fail to recognise is that Nazis has stolen the symbol from Ancient India and given it a negative connotation. They defamed a pious symbol like swastika and defamed it globally, for which they owe all Indians, Buddhists and Jains around the world an apology.

Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has objected the bill that falsely defines Swastika as a hate symbol and said that one can only imagine the shame and bullying the children from these communities would face as the state’s mis-portayal of swastika. It further highlighted the devastating impact that it could have on the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain families to freely practice their religion and pass it on to the next generation.

Needless to say, this vilification and a desperate attempt by Pakistan and China to spread Hinduphobia must stop. Swastika and its misappropriation by the Nazis are not same and it is our duty to stop such attempts to aim to twist Ancient India pride.




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