SPLM-N rebels sign joint agreement with Sudan government


Yesterday, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North under the leadership of Abdelaziz El Hilu (SPLM-N) signed a Declaration of Principles with the Sudanese government in Juba, the capital of the Republic of South Sudan, after a three-day meeting.

The two parties affirmed their support for the Declaration of Principles, which confirms the need for a civil and democratic state, the separation of cultural and religious identities from the state, and the guarantee of religious freedom.

They also agreed on the decentralization of governance, addressing gender differences, and positive discrimination in favour of people from conflict zones. The two parties acknowledged the professionalism of the armed forces and the regular forces, and have agreed to rebuild them according to a new combat doctrine.

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) declared its full support for the joint agreement signed between the SPLM-N and the government.

In a statement earlier this week, El Hilu said that the agreement will pave the way for broader negotiations which will ensure “change, human rights and the continuation of reform that will help the country move from totalitarianism towards democracy”.

‘Military hijacking’

The Communist Party of Sudan (CPoS) said in a statement yesterday that it considers the Declaration of Principles “a continuation of the military hijacking.” According to the statement, the joint agreement demands no accountability for the perpetrators of war crimes and genocide in the Nuba Mountain and Darfur.

It welcomed other issues raised in the Declaration of Principles, including the state of democratic civil citizenship and the fair distribution of wealth, power, and justice.

The party said that “the crisis and the continuation of the war are not to be repeated,” demanding the formation of a Peace Commission from the Council of Ministers.

Eastern track

The mediation team from South Sudan announced that “the Eastern Track will be resolved within 24 hours,” yesterday.

Tut Galwak, the head South Sudanese mediator, said in a press statement upon his arrival at Khartoum Airport, that he intends to follow up on particular issues in the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, especially the formation of the Darfur Authority and issues related to eastern Sudan. Galwak was accompanied by the leaders of the Eastern Track, Osama Saeed and Khaled Shawish.

Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok also spoke of issues in the east of the country yesterday, referring to the historical grievances and the absence of any significant development. Hamdok directed the authorities to take legal measures and resolve issues being caused by any party “working to fuel the conflict through racism and hate speech.”

The statement followed his meeting with two delegations of civil and political leaders from the east of the country headed by Ali Ibrahim Dagalal and Mohamed El Amin Turk. They discussed political and social issues regarding the east of the country and stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need to expedite the prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes.

Source: https://www.dabangasudan.org/en/all-news/article/splm-n-rebels-sign-joint-agreement-with-sudan-government


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