NIA conducts first BRICS webinar on misuse of internet by terrorists

 New Delhi: BRICS member states, at a virtual seminar organised by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) this week on the misuse of internet for terrorism, sought to link expedient international co-operation and seamless sharing of good practices in tackling the menace, to the creation of a safer and secure environment for citizens across the world. 

The two-day seminar on April 13 and 14 to deliberate on the ‘Misuse of Internet for Terrorist Purposes and Role of Digital Forensics in Terrorist Investigations” was inaugurated by home secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla and attended by 40 domain experts from Brazil, Russia , India, China & South Africa. 
The experts deliberated upon technical sessions including ‘exploitation of social media as an arsenal’, ‘dark web and anonymizers’, ‘emerging technologies and artificial intelligence’, ‘cryptocurrency and virtual assets’, ‘vulnerability of privacy and online stealth’, ‘equipping law enforcement agencies’, and ‘counter-terrorism investigations and digital forensics’. In addition, two panel discussions on engaging multiple stakeholders from both public and private sectors to tackle the misuse of internet and enhancing international co-operation to effectively tackle exploitation of the internet by terrorists for nefarious activities, were also held. 

An NIA statement on Thursday said the delegates acknowledged the immense challenges pertaining to prevention, control and prosecution of cases relating to terrorists’ misuse of internet “in the current milieu of breakneck technological innovations and ever-evolving digital landscape”. It was emphasised that it is only through expedient international co-operation and seamless sharing of good practices in tackling this menace that a safer and secure environment for the citizens of BRICS member states as well as the whole world could be created. 

BRICS member states in 3rd Counter Terrorism Working Group(CTWG) at White River, South Africa had agreed to establish five sub working groups dedicated to enhance debates over specific challenges on counter-terrorism front. Thereafter, in 4th CTWG meeting at Brasilia, India was given the presidency of the sub-working group on “Misuse of Internet for Terrorist Purposes” for one year. 
NIA organised this two day seminar while India is holding the chairmanship of BRICS for the year 2021.



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