Left wing extremism: ‘Surrendered naxal Jalandhar Reddy spreading lies against Maoists’

Khammam: The Maoist AOBSZC Spokesperson Ganesh has accused the surrendered naxal, Muttannagari Jalandhar Reddy alias Krishna, of engaging in spreading false propaganda against the Maoist movement.

In a statement released to the media here on Monday, he said Jalandhar Reddy, who worked as Andhra-Odisha Border Special Zonal Committee (AOBSZC) member, was frightened of ‘Operation Prahar’ and ran away as a coward without informing the party cadre.

Reddy joined the Maoists in 1998 and during his 23 year stint with CPI (Maoist) Party, he was at the centre of divisive activities in the party with his sectarianism. He faced several demotions and suspensions because of his anti-party activities, Ganesh said.

The government announced Rs 20 lakh reward on Reddy’s head and Maoist party would oppose him receiving the money following his surrender to the police on April 20. The surrender naxal, who was planning to attack those fighting for their rights with that money, would have to face the wrath of the people, he warned.

When serving as Malkangiri-Koraput-Visakha Border (MKVB) divisional committee secretary Jalandhar Reddy released a letter stating achievements of the revolutionary movement but now at the behest of the police he was spreading lies against the very movement, Ganesh alleged. 

Source: https://telanganatoday.com/surrendered-naxal-jalandhar-reddy-spreading-lies-against-maoists


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