Facebook privacy breach - Lesson for Organisations to learn from this

In a major privacy breach along with 6 Million Indians, 533 million Facebook account records with all personal details have been made public on a darknet forum. Although the data posted on the forum is several years old, it still poses risks and inspire organizations as well as users to take aggressive action to further protect privacy.

As per Ajay Kaushik, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Panacea Infosec a leading cybersecurity audit firm, “As per initial reports, individual or user passwords or any financial information is not leaked but the data compromised would help cybercrooks to impersonate people and compromise their accounts in future.

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“Organisations should start using strong authentication mechanisms such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) using rotating/rolling code, time-based token, one-time passwords etc that ensure that information can’t be stolen and reused. Organizations should have a strong vulnerability management and incident management programs across organisation to handle any unauthorized access and exploitation” Kaushik suggests.

For users to safeguard the privacy Ajay Kaushik says, “People should share minimum personal data which is required to access any online services, avoid repeating passwords and make different passwords for different social media accounts. Be extra careful of phishing emails and don’t accept invitations or request from unknown and unidentified individuals. Avoid sharing or publishing sensitive personal content on social media platforms.

There should be huge pushback and restrictions against social media firms regarding user data storage and management. Post Facebook breach, there is a need for a robust, comprehensive and contemporary data-protection and privacy law and guidelines.

Panacea Infosec is a Delhi-based cybersecurity audit company that has been in operations since 2012. 

Source: https://www.msn.com/en-in/money/news/facebook-privacy-breach-lesson-for-organisations-to-learn-from-this/ar-BB1fLUk5?ocid=BingNews


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