Child Soldiers Are Victims Of War

 Bombings, gun fire, and screams, these are the major aspects of life children face in war waging countries. Thrust into a war based on corporate greed, political interest, or religious disagreement, these hopeful and helpless children face a dreadful future as many of them are brutally hurt, physically and emotionally. Many times, these children witness their loved ones being murdered right in front of their eyes. Though many would argue that soldiers are the victims of war, there are a few who believe that helpless bystanders, meaning children, are the true victims of war. War blackens the bright future these children would have had, leaving them mortally wounded, making them child soldiers, and leaving them hungry. What causes war?…show more content…

Whether you are businessman or a construction worker, war has some far reaching effect on us. Though the evidence provided above is substantial enough to sway even you, the reader, to believe children are the true victims of war, there are many who think soldiers are the victims. Their logic can be backed up by many things. Modern media rarely covers anything else besides soldiers fighting in war. News reporters capture soldiers, strapped up in military equipment, fighting for their nation. Soldiers do directly take part in wars and they do get directly impacted by it. They are the ones who are fighting and dying for their country. 

Soldiers look out for each other in the battlefield. Many people argue that soldiers are the primary victims of war because they suffer physically and psychologically after the war. There are many wounded veterans who have received their physical scars from serving in the army. Soldiers will often face opposing fire and bomb explosions. Those who are lucky make it out of war alive, those who aren’t so lucky die or get wounded. According to Robert Naiman, more than 500,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans were treated for wounds and disabilities (Naiman, 2010). Half a million veterans now face difficulties dealing with day-to-day tasks such as walking, driving, or working. These former soldiers would now find it difficult to provide for their family and purchase their bread and butter because they are now limited to the jobs they can perform. Along with physical disabilities comes mental illnesses, such as PTSD. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder arises from experiences from shocking or traumatic events. Those diagnosed with PTSD, are mostly soldiers who have experienced unspeakable events during their service. This disorder causes diagnosed people to experience enormous amounts of stress and may be frightened in some situations. PTSD is a long-term illness that has no permanent treatment.



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