Armed groups attack Pakistani forces in Pasni, burn down tower machinery in Kalat

Pakistani coast guards were targeted in a grenade attack in Pasni on Wednesday. Baloch Republican Army, an armed “pro-independence” outfit, claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that such attacks will continue “until the independence of Balochistan.” United Baloch Army, another armed group, attacked a tower in Kalat on Wednesday night and burned all of its machinery.

According to the details, the vehicle of the Pakistani coast guards was standing in the ground of the higher secondary school in Pasni when unidentified assailants hurled a grenade its way. The attackers then fled the scene. The Baloch Republican Army claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that one person was killed and several others were wounded. The vehicle also sustained considerable damage. The authorities have not yet commented on the incident.

The BRP spokesperson reiterated the much-repeated caveat, warning the general public to maintain a distance from the Pakistani forces and their checkpoints as they can be targeted anytime anywhere.

The Pakistani forces were also targeted in a separate attack in Kech on Thursday. In the Tump area of district Kech, unidentified assailants attacked an FC checkpoint and fled the scene. The forces reportedly sustained casualties and material damages. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The United Baloch Army (UBA), a “pro-independence” group operating in Balochistan, said in a recent media statement that its fighters had attacked a cellular tower in Kalat and burnt down its machinery. No casualties have been reported in the attack. UBA did not disclose the motive behind the attack but said that such attacks will continue to happen until the independence of Balochistan.



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