Alert! BigBasket suffers massive data breach: Personal details of 2 crore users sold on dark web

 Last year, BigBasket suffered a massive data breach of nearly 2 crore users and it was up for sale, which eventually the company denied it completely and said that it was investigating the compromising of their data.

Now, a new report has revealed that data is available on the dark web and it is up for sale. 

According to a News18 report, ShinyHunters, a hacker collective has made the data of over 2 crore users in the form of a 3.5 GB database available on a dark web data forum.

This is based on the work of a computer researcher, who in a tweet revealed that the breached data was posted on the group. Meanwhile, security analyst Alon Gal said in a tweet that the user data had been leaked online and some of the breach monitoring websites also gave information about the data breach.

This data not only includes usernames, email addresses, birthdates, (hashed) passwords but also their residential addresses. Cyble had earlier reported that this data was being sold on the dark web for around Rs 30 lakh. This can prove to be very dangerous as now the residential address of leaked data is up for sale. 



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