4 killed in blast at Pakistan hotel hosting China ambassador: official

Four people were killed and over a dozen others injured when an explosive-laden vehicle exploded inside a top hotel hosting the Chinese ambassador in southwestern Pakistan, officials said late Wednesday.

The blast took place in the parking lot of Serena hotel in Quetta, capital city of Pakistan's southwest Balochistan province, the country's Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad said.

"A Chinese delegation of around four people led by the ambassador was lodging in the hotel. The ambassador was out for a meeting when the explosion took place," he added.

There was a threat alert in Quetta and other major cities after some suspicious calls were intercepted, and security was on high alert, including cities in Balochistan, Rasheed said.

He said that despite the security measures, the vehicle carrying explosives managed to enter the parking lot from the main gate of the hotel, which is a matter of big concern and the people responsible will be taken to task for a security lapse which gave terrorists a chance to carry out the attack. 

Source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/2021-04-22/4-killed-over-dozen-injured-in-SW-Pakistan-hotel-bomb-blast-ZEV2l0tH7G/index.html


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