Upcoming Yezdi Scrambler: A detailed breakdown

 Classic Legends revived the 'Jawa' brand back in 2018, and announced that it is also looking forward to reintroducing the 'Yezdi' brand in India. Now, since Jawa bikes have already picked up well, chances are that Classic Legends is in the mood to focus on the more sturdy and off-road capable technical cousin, Yezdi.

The reason why talks are starting to pick up is that a prototype of what appears to be a Yezdi scrambler bike has been spotted recently which is the first sighting of the bike. Anupam Thareja, founder, Classic Legends, has also confirmed to a publication that the brand is working on a “new-generation Yezdi" which will be more than just a rebadged Jawa.

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While there is no official confirmation as to which engine will be used inside the upcoming Yedi, the spy shots (above) hint that the radiator and engine head design seem to have taken inspiration from the Jawa powertrain. Thus, this could be an iteration of the Jawa engine which will be specific to the Yezdi. Also, when looked upon closely, the lower casing of the engine can be seen sporting the distinctive Yezdi stripes.

As far as exterior design goes, the prototype can be seen sporting a very adventure/scrambler-specific basic layout featuring elements such as dual-sport tyres, a tyre hugger, narrow, short tail, tall handlebar and a flat seat. Goes without saying, the prototype is far from ready and thus the production-spec version can take quite some time to come out. Expect it make a public debut around the festive season of 2021.

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When launched, it will lock horn with the bikes such as the Benelli Imperiale 400, the Honda H’ness CB350, the recently launched CB350RS, as well as its own Jawa counterparts.

Source: Upcoming Yezdi Scrambler: A detailed breakdown (msn.com)


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