Under Erdogan, Turkey pulls out of European treaty to prevent violence against women


Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday pulled out of an international accord aimed at protecting women. Campaigners have claimed that the pact is important in the fight against domestic violence, especially after the announcement by country’s official gazette.

The Council of Europe accord was forged in Istanbul to prevent, prosecute, and to end violence against women, and to promote equality.

Turkish government provided no explanation for the withdrawal. But last year, officials from Erdogan’s AK Party had said that the government was planning to withdraw from the accord for a conflict over how to end violence against women in the country.

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Turkey has witnessed a rise in femicides over the last year, and had signed the accord in 2011. The accord is believed by many Turkish folks, especially among conservatives to be encouraging violence by undermining family structures.

Gender equality also irks many in the country, who claim that it promotes homosexuality for being non-discriminating on grounds of sexual orientation. Critics believe that this puts Turkey further away from the values of the European Union, which it has been attempting to join.

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Turkey is not the only country to quit. Recently, Poland’s highest court assessed the accord and suggested the country should quit it on grounds of it being too liberal. 

According to data by the World Health Organization, 38 per cent women in Turkey face violence from a partner during their lifetime, which is much higher than the stats in Europe at about 25 per cent.



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