Over 1500 Tibetans protest in Paris against decades of Chinese atrocities

 Paris [France], March 10 (ANI): Over 1,500 Tibetans and Free Tibet supporters came out on the streets of Trocadero square near the Eiffel Tower in Paris on Wednesday against decades of Chinese atrocities in Tibet as they marked the 62nd anniversary of an uprising against the Chinese rule.

The protest was organised by the Students for Free Tibet (SFT) along with other Tibetan associations in France, including the Tibetan Community France and Utsang Association.

Slogans like "coronavirus, made in China", "Shame on Xi Jinping", "we want freedom" and "Free Tibet" were raised by the protesters.

The chants of "Long live Dalai Lama" reverberated in the air in central Paris.

The protesters called on the international community to stop the violence against the Tibetan people and cultural genocide perpetrated by China. A street-play on the recent death of 19- year-old Tibetan monk Tenzin Nyima following torture in a Chinese prison was also organised.

On January 31, a protest was held outside the Chinese embassy in Paris to protest the death of Nyima.

Tibet has been ranked as the second least free region in the world, according to the latest report "Freedom in the World 2021: A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy," based on a study of political freedom around the world.

The Tibetan Uprising Day, observed annually, commemorates the 1959 Tibetan peaceful uprising against Communist China's repression in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. Tibetans and their supporters remember to pay tribute to all those who have sacrificed their lives for Tibet's struggle.

Tibet is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party government based in Beijing, with local decision-making power concentrated in the hands of Chinese party officials.

Tibet was a sovereign state before China's invasion in 1950 when the People's Liberation Army (PLA) entered northern Tibet. (ANI)

Source: https://in.news.yahoo.com/over-1500-tibetans-protest-paris-175429494.html


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