Myanmar protesters nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

The civil disobedience movement that is continuing to put pressure on the Myanmar junta to give up power has been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, a Norwegian academic said on Friday. 

Calling it an important "mass mobilisation for democracy", Kristian Stokke, professor of sociology at the University of Oslo told news agency AFP that if the movement turns out to be successful, it would "inspire other non-violent pro-democracy" causes elsewhere. 

"The civil disobedience movement is an important mass mobilisation for democracy in Myanmar that is taking place, so far, with non-violent means," the professor said. 

"This pro-democracy movement, especially if successful, can also have consequences outside Myanmar and inspire other non-violent pro-democracy movements elsewhere at a time when democracy is under pressure from authoritarian forces." 

As many as 320 people have been killed and about 3,000 detained since the coup ousted the democratically-elected government in Myanmar, according to the Assistance Association of Political Prisoners (AAPP). 

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"What is important and gives a glimmer of hope is that what started as a response to a military coup has become a broader alliance across the many differences, especially ethnic ones, within Burmese society," Stokke added. 

The Nobel committee only considers January 31 deadline for this year's awards and so the nomination by Stokke will be taken next year.



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