Myanmar military's brutality is becoming a problem not just for India, but entire region


Gravitas has been telling you how the coup in Myanmar is becoming India's problem and the military's high-handedness has triggered an exodus.

The use of force and mass surveillance by the junta is forcing people to leave Myanmar and seek asylum in India. 

More than 400 nationals of Myanmar have now sought shelter in India.

A 21-year-old, rifleman in Myanmar's military was ordered to kill the protesters as the protests for the restoration of democracy intensified.

The man chose to rebel and fled to Mizoram in India.

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Earlier it was just military and police officers, but now even officials from Myanmar's emergency services are disobeying orders and fleeing to India.

One such individual is Khaw who claims that he worked at the local fire department in the Chin state of Myanmar. 

Khaw and his colleagues joined the civil disobedience campaign when the police ordered them to use a fire truck to disperse protesters.

With the junta refusing to back down, several people are crossing over to India.

According to a report, more than 100 of them arrived in Mizoram last Friday and considering the military's high-handed response, these numbers could grow.

Reportedly, Myanmar's military is now deploying technology to track the pro-democracy campaigners. 

Protesters fear they are being tracked with Chinese facial recognition technology.

Rights groups are concerned that the junta has access to CCTV cameras armed with artificial intelligence technology which can be used to automatically scan faces and vehicle license plates and alert authorities about those who are on a wanted list.

Recently, a police officer kicked and forced a man to crawl for hours on the street. 

Reports say eyewitnesses who filmed this video saw the man being beaten up by cops later.

The military is terrorising the citizens of Myanmar with the crisis now spilling beyond the borders.

The coup in Myanmar is becoming a problem not just for India, but for the entire region.



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