Mozambique: Over 180 people trapped in a hotel after insurgents launch attack


As militants launched an attack on Mozambique's Palma, on Wednesday, more than 180 people, including expatriate workers have been trapped at the Aramula hotel. An operation is underway to rescue the workers, an AFP report reads. The military, on Thursday launched an offensive against the insurgents. The attackers are said to be fighters affiliated with the armed group ISIL (ISIS).

The military have been trying to airlift the workers to safety. Some people have been reportedly killed in the attack that took place near a liquified natural gas site in Cabo Delgado province. Workers from the LNG site have sought refuge in another hotel nearby.” Almost the entire town was destroyed. Many people are dead. As locals fled to the bush, workers from LNG companies, including foreigners, took refuge in hotel Amarula where they are waiting to be rescued,” a worker told the AFP.

The Ministry of Defence spokesman Colonel Omar Saranga said, military forces are “working tirelessly to re-establish security and order as fast as possible.” He added that they will “do everything to guarantee the security”. 

According to an AP report, hundreds have sought refuge in Quitunda, a village near the Total project. The attack took place after French energy giant Total announced it would resume construction at the nearby offshore gas project worth $20bn. 



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