IS operative killed, another detained in Afghanistan

Kabul, March 15 : Afghan security forces have killed an Islamic State (IS) operated and arrested another terrorist in Nangarhar, a statement of the provincial government issued on Monday said.

According to the statement, the security forces stormed the terror group’s hideout in Dagai area of Mohmandara district on Sunday night killing the operative Mahmoud Jan on the spot, reports Xinhua news agency.

The statement also said Mahmoud Jan who had served as an IS commander in Mohmandara district was also in charge of the conscription for the extremist group in the neighbouring Lalpor district.

In a separate incident, the security forces in a crackdown against insurgents in Nangarhar’s provincial capital Jalalabad city captured another IS operative Khan Ghulam on Sunday.

Ghulam who had served as leader for recruitment of youngsters in Pachir Agam district also used women and poor children for conducting subversive activities in the provincial capital Jalalabad, the statement said.

The terror group, which is active in parts of Nangarhar province, is yet to make a comment.



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