Iraq: Attack leaves 27 IS fighters dead, 120 IS locations demolished


(MENAFN) On Wednesday, Mar. 24 the Iraqi military stated that an attack aiming IS sites in a mountainous area in northern Iraq left 27 militants of the extremist Islamic State (IS) outfit as a minimum dead.

According to a report by Yahia Rasoul, spokesperson of the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi forces, Iraqi security forces, supported by U.S.-led coalition and Iraqi aircraft, conducted the attack on March 9 and lasted for 14 days in the Makhmour mountain range in southeast of Nineveh's provincial capital Mosul.

The report noted that the attack comprised 312 airstrikes that demolished 120 IS locations and caves utilized by the extremist rebels, killing an unidentified number of IS fighters inside the bombarded positions, while snipers from the security forces found and killed 27 of those who ran away from the hit locations.

The mountains and enormous rocky places in the north of Iraq's capital Baghdad have seen extreme activities of the IS rebels in the past months, in spite of frequent military actions to catch them.



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