Canada expelled eight foreigners for terrorism or spying in 2020

Eight foreigners suspected of espionage, subversion or terrorism were removed from Canada last year, according to the federal government.

The department of Public Safety would not reveal the countries that the individuals were acting on behalf of, citing privacy laws, nor the specific nature of their activities in Canada.

“However, we can tell you that in 2020, the CBSA [Canada Border Services Agency] removed eight individuals deemed inadmissible on security grounds,” Public Safety spokesman Tim Warmington said in a statement. “Removal on security grounds may include persons who are found inadmissible for espionage, subversion, terrorism and/or for membership in groups involved in such activities.”

Andy Ellis, a former assistant director of operations at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said that in his experience, the nationalities of individuals removed for espionage tended to be Iranian, Chinese, Russian or Pakistani.

A Canadian Border Services agent stands watch at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Tuesday, December 8, 2015. The Canada Border Services Agency says they turned back 21 people who tried to enter the country from the U.S. in May to claim asylum.



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