Armenian Relief Society Supports Children of Fallen Heroes

 ARS has renamed its Orphan’s Sponsorship program to “Children of Fallen Heroes” sponsorship program.

ARS has renamed its Orphan’s Sponsorship program as “Children of Fallen Heroes” sponsorship program.

After the devastation and losses caused by the Artsakh War last fall, the Armenian Relief Society has renamed its Orphan’s Sponsorship program as “Children of Fallen Heroes” sponsorship program.

The ARS Orphan’s Sponsorship program is one of the most significant programs of the ARS. Established in 1992, the program aimed at financially assisting both the children orphaned due to the devastating 1988 earthquake and those of fallen soldiers as a result of the first Artsakh war and the continuous clashes in bordering villages. For over 20 years, the ARS program has sponsored more than 7,400 orphans through the generous donations of over 4,900 sponsors. In 2012, the 20th anniversary of this project was celebrated leading it to the next phase. Total allocated funds to orphans surpasses $5,300,000.

With an annual contribution of only $330, sponsors can make an impact by transforming the life of a child whose father gave his life while defending our country. Donors must agree to sponsor children until the age of 18.

Interested individuals may contact their local ARS affiliate or visit the website.

Since the start of the Artsakh war, the ARS, through its several humanitarian and emergency relief programs, has been supporting the displaced residents of Artsakh, the children, the wounded soldiers, the families of fallen heroes, and the Military Disability Rehabilitation Center at the “Heratsi” hospital in Yerevan.

The Armenian Relief Society (ARS) provides international humanitarian aid; supports at risk communities internationally; feeds and provides support to victims of disasters; supports injured soldiers and their families; provides education through ARS Soseh kindergartens in Artsakh; and operates and maintains the ARS Akhuryan Mother & Child and Birthing Center in Akhuryan Armenia. The ARS is a not-for-profit organization that depends on the dedication of volunteers and the generosity of the public at large to perform its mission.



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