Second Hong Kong radio host arrested, charged with 'seditious intent'

A second Hong Kong internet radio host was, on February 7, detained under a sedition law that authorities have begun to wield against critics of China.

Second Hong Kong radio host arrested for 'sedition' against China

A second Hong Kong internet radio host has allegedly been detained on February 7 under a sedition law that authorities have begun to wield against critics of the Chinese administration. 52-year-old Wan Yiu-sing, who reportedly hosted programmes discussing anti-government demonstrations, was detained on the charges of "seditious intent" with the law enforcers spilling no details on his charges. Popularly known as "Giggs", he had also called for funds to supports Hong Kongers who had fled to Taiwan amidst the Chinese crackdown.

Hong Kong’s sedition law is different from the draconian National Security law imposed in mid-2020. The sedition law, in fact, dates back to British colonial rule. The law holds culprit, any person who sparks “hatred or contempt or disaffection” towards the persons of the monarch and the colonial administration. Last September another pro-democracy radio host, Tam Tak-chi, became the first person to be charged with sedition since the handover. He is currently in custody awaiting trial.

Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong

China’s Xi Jinping administration passed the draconian extradition law in early 2019, triggering massive anti-china protests across Hong Kong. However, with City-State’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam refusing to acknowledge protesters’ demand and mainland sending troops to quell the demonstrations, the protest soon turned violent. In response to eroding law and order in Hong Kong, China then passed National Security Law thorough which it had detained over 10,000 protesters, seized media houses inter alia. Despite the mainland’s repeated efforts at silencing the voices, protesters still voice their call for liberty and sovereignty. 

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Recently, the city state's leader Carrie Lam defended her administration’s use of “ambush lockdown”. According to Bloomberg, the Hong Kong government’s new tactic involves authorities giving no warning of an impending lockdown, sealing off buildings where cases are detected and then ensuring everyone inside is tested, usually overnight. On Monday, the officials had cordoned off designated areas in four densely populated districts and conducted about 1,700 tests. However, the authorities found zero new infections.




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