Rockets fired at US Embassy in Baghdad; no casualties

Baghdad, Feb 23 (IANS): At least three rockets have been fired at the US Embassy in the heavily fortified Green Zone in Iraq's capital Baghdad, the media reported citing security sources.

Out of the three rockets, one of them fell within the perimeter of the Green Zone while others landed in the surrounding residential neighbourhoods.

A military statement said there were no casualties and an investigation was underway. The rockets were launched from the Salam area of Baghdad, it said, The Daily Mail reported.

No one has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

There was minor property damage, including a damaged vehicle. The Green Zone houses foreign embassies and is the seat of Iraq's government.

The US Embassy was a frequent target of rocket attacks during the Donald Trump administration. The pace of attacks, however, abated in the weeks before Joe Biden took office, and recently resumed.

In a statement released on Twitter, Iraq's security services said: "Two rockets fell on the Green Zone, without causing any casualties, and the follow-up by the security forces is continuing."

A security source within the Green Zone said the C-RAM anti-rocket defence system deployed at the US embassy did not fire because the rockets were not projected to land within the diplomatic compound. 



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