Missiles, Sanctions and Kurds: Biden Hasn’t Called Erdogan Yet, and They Have a Lot to Talk About

Their administrations’ relationship has started on the wrong foot, and it’s unclear how it will improve if neither side is willing to concede on key issues

  • Zvi Bar’el
  • Haaretz

Following U.S. President Joe Biden’s “good” phone call with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israelis can breathe a sigh of relief.

For a month they were biting their nails, fuming or getting scared until the redemptive call came.

They can at least be proud that Netanyahu was the first Mideast leader Biden spoke with.

True, he’s no longer in the international league, but he’s first place in the regional league – ahead of Saudi… 

Source: https://forum.agora-dialogue.com/2021/02/19/missiles-sanctions-and-kurds-biden-hasnt-called-erdogan-yet-and-they-have-a-lot-to-talk-about/


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