Khalistani terrorists from Belgium, UK planning to kill a farmer leader: intelligence agencies

A global conspiracy has been hatched by Khalistan Commando Force (KCF) to target farmers' leader protesting at Delhi's borders.

Central intelligence agencies-- R&AW and Intelligence Bureau -- are tracking such attempts of KCF, a terror outfit, and few days back a report has been prepared by the intelligence agencies on the same.

As per the report prepared by central intelligence agencies based on inputs, the conspirators are from Belgium and the United Kingdom who in coordinated manner have prepared a plan to eliminate a farmer leader protesting at Delhi's border.

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The KCF's plan is also to settle score with the leader who was "alleged to have involvement in eliminating KCF cadres from Punjab in the past".

The KCF is a militant organisation involved in various assassinations in India. The outfit has members based in various countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium and Pakistan.

A senior government official said there was a plan to eliminate a farmer leader, regarding which reliable input has been received. They have learnt that three KCF militants who are from Belgium and the UK have planned an assassination of a farmer leader currently protesting at a Delhi border.

According to the input, the farmer leader was allegedly involved in eliminating KCF cadres in the past in Punjab.

Information received by agencies also said the KCF perceived that the 'killing of the leader at this juncture could lead to increase in violence in India and onus of killing will be on government agencies or workers of a political party."

Khalistani separatists groups have been trying to gain ground through farmers' protest.

Also, more than 400 Twitter handles run from Pakistan had been narrowed down by Indian agencies who were active to add fuel to the fire.

On January 26 when farmers assembled around Red Fort, members of Khalistani separatist groups staged a protest outside the Indian embassy in Washington DC.

The protesters claimed that they had assembled to support the farmers protesting in New Delhi. Many in the mob held so-called 'Khalistan' flags and raised slogans. 



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