Amnesty International: Tigray massacre 'may amount to a crime against humanity'

new Amnesty International report states that in late November, soldiers from Eritrea who had been fighting in the Tigray region of Ethiopia entered the city of Axum and "systemically killed hundreds of unarmed civilians" in a "massacre that may amount to a crime against humanity." There have long been tensions between the Ethiopian federal government and leaders in Tigray, and in early November, members of the national military began clashing with Tigrayan forces. 

Both Ethiopia and Eritrea's governments have denied reports of conflict. Witnesses say on Nov. 19, Ethiopian and Eritrean military forces took control of Axum, and soldiers executed people and looted stores, hospitals, and homes. The worst violence occurred later that month, when unarmed civilians were reportedly shot as they ran from soldiers, and others were taken from their homes, lined up, and executed. Since fighting began in the region, Tigray has largely been cut off from the outside world. 



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