Afghan Military Claims at Least 60 Taliban Killed in Helmand Attacks

Details are emerging on a major Afghan military attack on the Helmand Province over the weekend, an offensive which hit the outskirts of the contested provincial capital, and killed a number of Taliban.

The Afghan military claimed that at least 60 Taliban were killed in the attacks, including Mullah Saffiullah, the Shadow Governor of Sangin District, and Taliban commander Abdul Salaam.

The death of the shadow governor had been confirmed in other media reports of the fighting. The claim of 60 killed remains unconfirmed, with other reports putting the overall death toll around 11.

Helmand is a valuable province, at the center of Afghanistan’s opium trade, and a lot of fighting has been ongoing in Sangin District. Along with neighboring Kandahar, this is the part of Afghanistan the Taliban most often contests and controls.



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