India busts Malaysia-based outfit’s terror attack plot

NEW DELHI: The Indian intelligence establishment is learnt to have intercepted crucial financial transactions with links to wanted Islamic preacher Zakir Naik suggesting that a Malaysia-based Rohingya outfit may be in an advanced stage of orchestrating a terror strike in the country by a group led by a woman.
The intelligence suggests that a woman-led group, who has been trained in Myanmar, may attempt a strike in an Indian city in the next few weeks.

Late on Friday, the intelligence establishment alerted the police and state intelligence bureaus of Delhi, Haryana, UP, Bihar and West Bengal to step up surveillance, a source confirmed.

An intel document, seen by TOI, states that a slew of suspicious India-centric transactions to the tune of around 2 lakh dollars have been tracked to Kuala Lumpur based Rohingya leader Mohammed Naseer and controversial Islamic cleric Zakir Naik.
The intel document states that a Chennai-based suspect, probably a hawala dealer, had received a part of this fund. Digging deeper, the sleuths were able to deduce that a group was to infiltrate India in mid or end of December through Bangladesh.
The origin or any identity related details of the woman who supposedly trained in Myanmar for this strike is unclear but it is suspected that she was sent to Myanmar from Malaysia early this year, a source said.




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