How Canada has become headquarters for Khalistani terrorists

A Baloch activist driven away from her home by the Pakistan army was found dead in Canada, however, Canadian police is treating it as a non-criminal case because they find nothing suspicious.

Canada wears multiculturalism on its hat as foreign-born people make up for one-fifth of Canada's population. The country takes pride in welcoming immigrants and also rolls out the red carpet for extremists in order to appease.

Pakistanis, for instance, are the fifth-largest group of immigrants in Canada with over 155,000. The ruling party wants these votes, so it provides refuge to even extremists from Pakistan.

It is not to suggest that all Pakistanis are extremists but Canada has been under the scanner for becoming a safe haven for terrorists including those from Pakistan. Karima Baloch raised her voice against it. She asked why the Pakistan army that persecuted the Baloch was finding asylum in Canada. Now she's dead and Canada is investigating her death as a non-criminal case.

Karima Baloch was receiving threats, however, the Trudeau government has repeatedly been called out for its appeasement politics. It is not just interfering with the country's justice system, it has also become a part of his public and foreign policies. 

A convicted terrorist was part of Trudeau's entourage when he visited India in 2018. Jaspal Atwal is a Khalistani separatist and a convicted assassin. He tried assassinating an Indian minister in Canada in 1986.

Nearly 30 years later, Jaspal Atwal flew down to India along with PM Justin Trudeau. There are no official answers how a Khalistani separatist and a convicted criminal found his way into Trudeau's inner circle, leave alone accompany him to India.

Canada has become the headquarters for Khalistani terrorists due to the policy of appeasement. The government by harbouring Khalistani separatists has been trying to appease Canada's powerful Sikh community. Trudeau has over 10 Sikh MPs in his cabinet.

A Global News article says Canada has a secret program that allows it to harbour terrorists. In April 2015, Canada granted visa to Khaled Saber Abdel-Hamed Zahw. He was a high-ranking member of Egypt's military when it orchestrated a coup against President Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

The report claims Canadian security officials had initially refused visa to Zahw. They cited national security concerns, however, soon, the decision was overruled.

The report said "Canada allows certain high-profile foreign nationals who would otherwise be barred from entering the country due to national security concerns, war crimes, human rights violations and organised crimes".

The report claimed criminals are granted public policy entry visas as long as they serve Canada's national interests. WION has not been able to independently verify it. Canada's tryst with extremists is not new since for the longest time Ottawa failed to designate the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE) as a terrorist group.

Little has been done to stop terror fundraising in Canada. A 2018 report on terrorism had listed Sikh extremists as one of the five terror threats to Canada. The Trudeau government however he removed the reference since pro-Khalistani groups were not happy.

Canada's vote bank politics has become a threat to global peace from Europe to West Asia and Asia - countries today are joining forces to counter-terrorism. Canada has two options - it can either mend its ways or be isolated.




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