Fresh Turkish airstrikes hit Ain Issa: reports

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region — Multiple Turkish airstrikes targeted Ain Issa in northeast Syria on Sunday night, according to Syrian news outlets. 

Turkish military airstrikes targeted various areas, including Ain Issa’s IDP camp and the M4 highway late Sunday evening, according to North Press Agency.

According to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) affiliated Hawar News, multiple airstrikes targeted Ain Issa town and its surrounding countryside in Raqqa province. 

Syrian state media SANA also reported the airstrikes, saying “Turkish occupation forces and their mercenaries” were attacking the area for the second day, displacing a number of families. 

Ain Issa, located in Gire Spi (Tal Abyad) district in northeast Syria - also known as Rojava - is partially controlled by the SDF. It lies just outside of a Turkish-controlled zone taken by Ankara during 2019’s Operation Peace Spring offensive, which displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians.

More than 300 families in nearby villages have reportedly abandoned their homes due to recent Turkish bombardments.

“We use mattresses and blankets as beds. We used to keep them at our house but now we are keeping them in the vehicle and sleeping in deserted areas. We come back the next day. We do not take our belongings out of the truck. This is how we live,” local resident Fadhil Ahmed told Rudaw last month.  



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