Crime will increase dramatically with COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Interpol

As the world awaits their shot at getting the coronavirus vaccine, security experts are warning governments to protect their shares of vaccine from theft.

Interpol chief Juergen Stock has warned the world about a possible 'dramatic' increase in the theft and other crimes related to the COVID-19 vaccine. Stock, on Monday, warned there can be an alarming increase in crimes as several criminal organisations will try to get their hands on the vaccines.

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"With vaccines rolling out, crime will increase dramatically," Stock warned. "We will see thefts and warehouse break-ins and attacks on vaccine shipments."

He has also predicted a sharp increase in cases of graft related to the coronavirus vaccines. He says the crime will increase as criminals would want to get the vaccine quicker, and in an easier way.

"Corruption will be rampant in many places to get the valuable vaccine quicker," he said.

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Following the warning, Germany has decided to deploy federal police to secure the transportation process of the vaccines. The government has also decided to not reveal the storage location of the vaccines, and keep the locations well-guarded and a secret.

Stock has also issued warning against the possibility of sabotage by various groups of anti-vaxxers.

This statement has come a few days after several countries, such as the UK, US and 15 other countries have approved and started vaccine drives, with many countries planning to approve it soon.

Meanwhile, the UK, Italy and South Africa have reported a new variant of coronavirus, following which majority of European countries have banned all incoming flights from the UK




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