China building 2000-km long Great Wall along border of Myanmar; Xi Jinpings real intention

NEW DELHI: China is in the process of building a 2000 km long barbed wire wall along its southern border of Myanmar to prevent illegal crossings. According to reports, while the Myanmar army is opposing the construction of the wall along its border, China is firm on its stand. 

Meanwhile, the United States has expressed its concern over the construction of the wall along the Myanmar wall. A top American Think Tank said that the effort by China reflects its expansionist thinking and that conflict in South Asia could increase considerably in the coming decades.

The Chinese government's mouthpiece Global Times (Global Times) in its report claimed that the purpose of building this wall is to curb illegal infiltration from Myanmar inside the country. This wall is being built with barbed wire about 9 meters in height in China's southwestern Yunnan province. On the other hand, A RFA report claimed that the real purpose behind the construction of the wall is to prevent dissidents from escaping from China.

Meanwhile, Myanmar's army is continuously opposing the action of China. The army has written a letter to Chinese officials and lodged a protest against the installation of barbed wire along its wire. The letter mentions the boundary treaty in 1961, the provisions of which say that no structure can be constructed within 10 meters of demarcation.

Local media quoted Myanmar's army as saying that China began the fencing work near post number BP-125 from December 13



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