Belgian Court: Trial of Iran’s Terrorist Regime

 The trial of Iran’s diplomat-terrorist, Assadollah Assadi, and his three accomplices, started on Friday, November 27, in Antwerp, Belgium. For the first time, an official diplomat goes on trial in Europe. Also, it is the first time that, despite playing all its cards, the mullahs’ regime could not prevent the trial of its diplomat-terrorist and influence the court. In previous years and in many cases, the regime has used these cards to free its trapped agents, thus hindering justice from rendering.

Some of the cards the regime possessed included bribery, profitable trade, diplomatic pressures thanks to appeasement policy, terrorist threats, and taking hostages.

In the past two and half years since Assadi was arrested in 2018, the regime used all these cards but failed.

The terrorist threats and threatening the prosecutor and other court officials that if Assadi is tried, armed groups in different parts of the world will take revenge, created a huge scandal for the regime. But the regime accepted the risks of this scandal because avoiding Assad’s trial was vital for it.

Assadi’s trial received massive international coverage, with many media outlets underlining that this is the first time an official diplomat of a country is on trial for terrorism, and Assadi committed this crime on behalf of the regime.

“This is a historic and unprecedented trial. This is the first time that symbolically the mullahs’ regime is on trial, and its so-called ‘diplomats’ face the justice,” George-Henri Beauthier, the defense attorney of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), said on November 27 in front of reporters.

Up to now and with the first session of the trial as the prosecutor demanded a 20-year prison sentence for Assadi and 18 years and 15 years for the three other terrorists, the case is a symbolic condemnation of the terrorist regime in Iran.

The court’s ruling is a legal and international confirmation of the clerical regime’s terrorist nature. This verdict leaves no way for the appeasement policy and puts the world, particularly Europe, in face of a great test. A test to choose justice or trade. And a choice for Europe, that if it would take a firm stance against a regime that has been roaming grounds of the European territory with terrorism?

On November 27, the Politico website published an article entitled “Terror Trial in Antwerp To Test Eu-Iran Relations,” in which it wrote: “The case will likely have grave ramifications for EU-Iran relations.”

Indeed, the world is watching and monitoring the EU’s next steps. The long-overdue steps which should have been taken years ago. So many years of turning a blind eye on the regime’s terrorism have prompted the regime’s diplomat-terrorist to carry out a terrorist operation on European soil, yet claim he claims he has diplomatic immunity and should not go on trial.

In response, the European Countries should immediately designate Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as terrorist organizations. The European countries should immediately shut down the clerical’s regime’s embassies and the so-called cultural and religious centers, which are centers of terrorism and espionage, and contingent the level of their diplomatic relations with the terrorist clerical regime according to this fact.

Iran's diplomat & the largest terror plot in Europe. What was Assadollah Assadi's role



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