Renewed ISIS attack leaves over 10 dead in Baghdad: sources

ERBIL (Kurdistan 24) – A new attack on Iraq’s security forces by the so-called Islamic State left 11 people dead on late Sunday, according to security sources.

The attack comes as the terrorist group’s sporadic assaults on security forces and civilians had witnessed a decline after they plunged in June.

“ISIS attacked the monitoring tower, killing five members of the tribal Hashed and six local people who had come to help repel the attack,” a security source told AFP after the terrorist group threw grenades and opened fire at forces in Baghdad’s southern outskirts of Al-Radwaniyah, near the capital’s Baghdad International Airport.

The attack did not just result in deaths, but around eight injured who were referred to one of the capital’s hospital, a medical source told the French agency.

The terrorist group was declared defeated in 2017 by the Iraqi forces, the Kurdistan Region’s Peshmerga forces, and the international coalition against the group as it emerged in 2014, seizing one-third of the country.

Civilians as well as military forces have been the target of the group’s hit-and-run attacks, resulting in causalities.

The Iraqi government, already challenged by a crippling economy caused by low crude prices and the increased threat of outlawed militias on state institutions, is now faced with the threat of the group’s activities.

The country is also suffering from a dire health situation due to the coronavirus pandemic, from which nearly half a million Iraqis have been infected and over 11,000 people have succumbed to death.



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