Pakistani Taliban was involved in Helmand attacks: Afghan Interior Minister spokesperson to WION

Afghan govt has said that Pakistan Taliban had a role in the Helmand attacks and Afghan forces have killed around 200 Pakistani nationals involved in the incident. 

Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian speaking to WION from Kabul said,  "The Helmand attacks, planned by the Taliban, more than 200 Pakistani Taliban had participated in it and our Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) killed all the Taliban. This includes the Pakistani Taliban."

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Helmand province in southern Afghanistan has a major uptick in violence in the last few weeks. The violence comes even as the US plans to withdraw from the country by Christmas, sparking concerns of Pakistan increasing its foothold in the country. 

He highlighted that the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban has cooperation and "they had planned to attack ANDSF near the city of Helmand and district of Kandahar." 

Adding, "It was a success for our forces and we have shared the list of Taliban commanders, including Pakistani Taliban. More than 300 Pakistani Taliban had participated in this. Our ANDSF had success in other provinces like Kunduz. "

He pointed out that in other provinces of Afghanistan, like Kandahar, "Taliban had planned attacks on ANDSF and response by us saw the killing of the Taliban, and they had casualties."

Taliban and the Afghan government are in talks in Doha, which are leading nowhere.  This year saw 2 important pacts, the Taliban and US govt pact in February, and in September start of talks in Doha. Despite the signing of a pact, and the start of talks, the Taliban is unwilling to reduce violence in the country. 



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