Man shot and killed, bomb explosion in deep south

A man was fatally shot and later, as rangers were patrolling, a bomb exploded – both incidents were in the Southern province of Narathiwat, an area plagued with violence from the more than two-decade-long insurgency. Around 6am this morning, 48 year old Sorpree Arma was shot dead in the Sri Sakhon district just as he was leaving his home to go work on his rubber farm, according to the 49th Ranger Task Force.

About a couple hours later, in the Rangae district, a bomb exploded on the side of a local road as rangers were passing by. No one was injured and officers are investigating.

Thailand’s more than two-decade-long insurgency in the southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala and Songkhla have led to over 6,500 deaths, mostly civilians, and reports of shootings, ambushes and bomb explosions.

Just a few days ago, a navy soldier riding a motorcycle through Narathiwat’s Bacho district was shot and wounded.

In Narathiwat, just last month alone, there were multiple bombings. 2 bombs targeting rangers exploded in the Bacho district. No one was injured. In the Si Sakhon district, a car ran over a bomb. Luckily, no one was injured and the explosion just caused slight damage to the vehicle.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post



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