Grenade Blast at Jeddah Cemetery in Saudi Arabia Inures Many, One Suspect Arrested

New Delhi: A major blast was reported at a cemetery for non-Muslims in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in the presence of British and European diplomats. As per updates, several people have been injured in the blast. Also Read - Saudi Public Investment Fund to Invest Rs 9555 Crore in Reliance Retail Ventures

The incident happened at a cemetery where several European diplomats were attending the World War I commemoration ceremony in Jeddah. Other reports suggest that a grenade exploded and caused ‘numerous casualties’. Also Read - Good News For Indian Workers as Saudi Arabia Plans to Bring Changes in Restrictions on Migrants

Latest updates suggest that one Greek official and a Saudi guard were among four people injured at the service hosted by the French consulate at a non-Muslim cemetery in Jeddah. Also Read - As Turkey Urges Muslims to Boycott French Goods, Its Own Products Face Boycott in Saudi Arabia

Local police said that an unidentified man was arrested after throwing the explosive over the wall at the group. Police are investigating the incident as a terrorist attack.

The French foreign ministry meanwhile condemned the ‘cowardly, unjustifiable attack’ during which it said an improvised explosive device had been used.

The present incident comes just 12 days after a guard was stabbed outside the French consulate in Jeddah. The same day, three people were killed in a Nice church in one of several recent Islamist terror attacks in France.



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