Fight against terrorism and the EU’s security strategy

The Civil Liberties Committee will assess the state of play in counter-terrorism and the security strategy with Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson and the German Presidency of the Council. Future developments regarding the so-called Prüm decisions and automated exchanges of information from DNA databases, fingerprints and car registration data, and the 2004 Advance Passenger Information (API) directive, which obliges carriers to collect passenger information, will play a central part in the debate.

Strengthening Europol’s mandate, the future action plan on integration and exclusion and current negotiations to ensure terrorist content is removed from the internet swiftly and efficiently are also likely to be raised.

When: Monday, 16 November, from 16.50 to 18.05.

Where: European Parliament in Brussels, József Antall (4Q2), and remotely.

Check the full agenda of the committee meeting. You can follow the discussion live.

Last week, MEPs held a plenary debate with Commissioner Johansson on the latest terror attacks and the need to further develop the counter-terrorism strategy, in parallel with additional efforts to promote fundamental freedoms and integration.



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