Europe's terror problem is not Islamic

Europe has been experiencing a wave of 'Islamic' terrorism for many years now, with the recent attacks in Austria and France being just the latest examples.

In my own country of Britain, we have witnessed high profile terror events such as the July 2005 London tube train bombings, the 2013 murder of British soldier Lee Rigby on a London street, and the 2017 Manchester arena bombing. 

France has experienced several attacks too, notably the multiple incidents in Paris in 2015, first in January, a mass shooting took place at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and in November, a series of violent incidents that included the mass shooting at the Bataclan nightclub. Germany, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and numerous other European nations have also experienced incidents of so-called 'Islamic terror.'

It would need to write a book, or perhaps a series of books to explain all the falsehoods that have been perpetrated by the relevant governments with the assistance of European media outlets about this phenomenon of 'Islamic terror.' In some cases, the violence is all too real; innocent people's tragic deaths did occur. However, that is not true of all of these events; some were entirely fake, such as the blatant and all too obvious street theatre of the Lee Rigby' murder', some were entirely real, others were a mixture of real and fake elements. One thing all of these terror attacks have in common though, is that they are in no way, shape, or form Islamic.

The common denominator in all of these terror events is not that the perpetrators were Muslims or that they were affiliated to Islamic State, Al Qaeda, or any other group; it is that the intelligence agencies of the various countries, in collusion with each other and working with the CIA and Mossad have been the architects of the events; they recruited the terrorists, they trained them, they provided their explosives and guns, they planned everything and cynically exploited the naive, impressionable young Muslim men they used to perpetuate the violence.

Why would the intelligence apparatus of the European continent and their American & Israeli allies do such a thing? We are talking about the cold-blooded slaughter of their own citizens, of murdering innocent civilians on the streets of their cities. The answer is both simple and disturbing – the demonization of Islam and the Muslim portion of Europe's population. Why would they seek to do this? How does it benefit the powers that be to paint the Muslim members of their citizenry as dangerous, potentially violent, and murderous jihadis liable to slaughter their fellow citizens while shouting 'Allahu Akbar'? 

The answer is twofold; firstly, they seek to create support among their populations for military interventions in West Asia – it is necessary to have the support of your public before you send in the warplanes to drop bombs and the troops to occupy. Secondly, it is the age-old strategy of divide and conquers in action – the divide they seek to create is between the indigenous, largely Christian population of Europe and the large numbers of Muslims who have migrated to the continent in the last several decades. By creating such a divide, they render the entire populous an easily controlled and manipulated flock of sheep all too easily mislead into supporting nefarious agendas, especially when the intended victims of those agendas are the Islamic nations of West Asia.

Would the people of Europe and America have allowed their governments to wage their illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without the motivation of the 'Islamic terror' attacks in New York and Washington on 11th September 2001? It is highly unlikely, and I cannot help but wonder what further violent aggression is planned against West Asia and it's largest Islamic population; we have already seen the perpetration of the terror attacks in Europe that would be cited as justification for further wars; therefore, it is only logical to suspect that plans exist for more wars.

Perhaps the root of the entire psychological warfare operation that is being perpetrated on the people of Europe under the guise of 'Islamic Terror' is, ultimately, the plight of the Palestinian people and the genocidal Likudist regime in Israel. There is no doubt that Israel constantly seeks to leverage any opportunity to demonize Islam and paint Muslims as bloodthirsty, crazed terrorist 'jihadis' in order to justify, in the minds of the goyim of Europe and America, their continued murderous persecution of the Palestinians and their violent aggression against their Arab neighbors.

Therefore, I am convinced that, as long as the current corrupt, criminal Likud regime remains in power in Israel, Europe will continue to experience the phenomenon of 'Islamic terrorism' and it deeply sickens me that many of my fellow Europeans will be persecuted as a result, for the crime of being a follower of the Islamic faith. Be it the nice man from Turkey who cuts my hair or the doctor from Pakistan who cured my leg infection, in the eyes of the less well-informed, more easily influenced white Europeans, they are somehow less respectable, perhaps potentially dangerous, just because they happen to be Muslims and they have been conditioned to associate Muslims with murderous acts of terrorism.



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