Pakistan: Muhammad Azmat with a group of armed men try to rape a Hindu girl in Sindh, brutally kill father for attempting to stop them

Representational Image, courtesy: Pragativadi

Reports on forced abduction, rape, conversion and oppression of Hindu minorities have continued to pour in from the terror state of Pakistan. According to activist Rahat Austin, working in Pakistan, in yet another incident of brutality against minorities, a Hindu father was killed by a group of armed men in Pakistan’s Sindh province as he tried to save his daughter from the perpetrators.

The Pakistani activist said that the group of armed men led by one Muhammad Azmat forcefully entered Shiva Kohli’s house and tried to rape his daughter. When the girl’s father tried to resist the assault on his daughter, Muhammad Azmat and his accomplices brutally tortured and killed the old Hindu man.

The activist, further highlighting the plight of the minority Hindus in Pakistan, informed that the Pakistan police, instead of providing any sort of help to the victim or registering a case against the perpetrators, have arrested the family of deceased who were insistent on reporting the case in Tando Gulam Ali, Badin.

In a similar case reported from Pakistan’s Sindh on June 2, six armed men entered the 13-year-old Hindu girl Permi Bheel’s house, beat up her family and took her away. The Hindu girl was brutally raped the entire night on gunpoint by these 6 men while her family kept searching for her, crying for help.

In the same month, another 14-year-old Hindu girl was abducted in Hala Mitiari, of Sindh province Pakistan. In a video shared by Rahat Austin, the mother of the abducted girl was seen broken down with grief. She kept on saying that “It’s a curse to be born in an Islamic country.” As per the activist, the 14-year-old Nasiban was taken for sexual exploitation and forced conversion to Islam. 



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