Maoists kill villager in T, cops claim he was courier


Hyderabad: A 38-year-old agriculturist was killed by Maoists after being branded as a police informer on Sunday in Telangana’s Bhadradri-Kothagudem district. But the local police claimed that the deceased was a Maoist courier.
This is the second person to be killed by Maoists this month. On October 10, TRS activist Bheemeshara Rao was murdered inside his house in Mulugu district.

Kothagudem police on Monday said that N Eshwar was strangulated to death by Maoists in Chhattisgarh before his body was shifted to Telangana and left in the middle of the road between Chennapuram and Gorukonda, which is a deeply forested area.
Police also recovered a letter allegedly left by Maoists. “In the letter, Maoists claimed that Eshwar was killed since he was acting as a police informer,” an investigator said.

Kothagudem district superintendent Sunil Dutt, however, claimed that Eshwar, who is from Mulugu district, was working as a courier for Maoist Insurgents.
“He was a courier for state Maoist committee leaders Haribushan Damodhar and Chandranna. For the last several years, Eshwar was forced to work as a dalam member, but he recently refused to work. As a result, he was killed by Maoists,” said another officer probing the case.
For the last three months, Maoists have been making attempts to revive their activities by frequently camping in forested areas in Kothagudem, Mulugu and Adilabad districts . They have been trying to win over local tribals by assuring they them to take up their issues.



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