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Man lynched for desecration of Quran in Bangladesh: Religious Persecution

 Hundreds of people in a Bangladesh town on Thursday lynched a man who had allegedly desecrated the Quran.

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Two men were accused of stepping on the Muslim holy book in the main mosque of the town of Burimari, near the frontier with India. One was beaten to death, and the second man escaped with injuries.

Police took the two men into protective custody in a municipal office after the allegations were made by worshippers at the Burimari Jame Masjid mosque.

They said more 1,000 people stormed the council office and police fired 17 live shotgun rounds in a bid to calm the crowd but could not stop them seizing the 35-year-old man. The victim was beaten to death before the crowd torched the office and burned the body in the street.

The incident came amid mounting anger in the Muslim majority country over comments about Islam made by France's President Emmanuel Macron. 



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